Laser Vein Removal in Orem, UT

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What is Laser Vein Removal?

Usually located on the legs and face, varicose veins, or spider veins, are small, branching blood vessels that are visible underneath the skin. They can be red, purple, or blue, presenting as hard to hide, unwanted discoloration. They can be caused by a combination of age, genetics, and other factors, and they tend to become progressively more advanced as time goes on. It's advisable to pursue treatment at the first signs. Ohana Aesthetics and Wellness performs nonsurgical laser vein removal for women and men in Orem, UT and the surrounding area. In your private consultation, nurse practitioner Kathy Cooper can suggest a customized laser vein removal plan based on your goals for treatment.


Should I get laser vein removal?
Laser vein removal works well for veins of many sizes and types. Varicose veins often respond well to laser vein removal, but sometimes if the vein is large and swollen, surgical options might be recommended. Our team will work with you to determine your treatment method, depending on your specific concerns and needs.

Does the vein go away?
Yes. Laser vein removal uses a focused laser to heat the vein at the target area. Because the targeting is precise, the beam will not damage your skin. As the fluid within the vein heats, the vein will collapse, and in 1 – 2 months, the vein will be reabsorbed by the body.

Where can laser vein removal be used?
Unwanted spider veins are often found on your face, the back portion of your legs and thighs, and near your ankles. Anywhere a spider vein exists, laser vein removal may be helpful to reduce its appearance. Our cutting-edge laser system uses precise targeting so the nearby tissue and skin are protected from heat damage.

Is laser vein removal painful?
Prior to the treatment, your technician may apply a local anesthetic to numb the area. Patients often describe the feeling of a mild tingling or a hot snap against the skin. Our laser system is also equipped with a built-in cooling feature that both reduces discomfort and chills the skin to prevent damage.

How much does laser vein removal cost?
A laser vein removal treatment is priced on the number of veins to be removed and how many sessions are recommended to achieve the desired results. In your consultation, we will evaluate the size and location of protruding veins, and then we will determine the scope of treatment required in order to establish a cost. Ohana Aesthetics and Wellness offers multiple payment options to help make treatment affordable.

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