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What Is Laser Scar Treatment?

At Ohana Aesthetics and Wellness, our team performs innovative Harmony XL PRO laser scar treatments to reduce the appearance of scars. This procedure is noninvasive and can be used to help multiple scars heal, regardless of the injury or surgery that brought them about. Scars form from excessive tissue growth when a tear in the skin is healing. Laser scar treatment carefully cuts away excess scar tissue with applied heat and gives the skin a chance to heal itself with more finesse without adding back the extraneous tissue that formed the scar. During a private consultation, Kathy Cooper will assess your scar to determine if laser scar treatment is right for you. Please reach out to schedule an appointment and learn more.


How soon can you perform laser scar treatment after an injury?
It depends on the size and cause of the scar. For instance, if the scar was caused by a surgical procedure, it is usually safe to perform laser scar treatment after only a few weeks after stitches have been removed and the surgical site has healed completely. However, acne scars may be treated as soon as the underlying acne outbreak is under control.

Can laser scar treatment completely remove a scar?
Laser scar treatment will not make a scar disappear entirely, but it can significantly reduce the appearance of the scar.

Is laser scar treatment painful?
Patients have described the Harmony XL PRO laser as feeling like a rubber band popping against the skin. Depending on the size and location of the scar, if the scar is very large or deep, or if it is located in a sensitive area, the procedure could feel slightly more painful. During your consultation, we will work with you to discuss the best options for eliminating discomfort, as well as the cost and timetable for your treatment.

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