Laser Nail Fungus Treatment in Orem, UT

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What is Laser Nail Fungus Treatment?

If you've noticed changes to your fingernails or toenails, such as a thickened texture or any white/yellow discoloration, it could be a sign of a fungal infection. With most cases of nail fungus, professional treatment is typically needed since the condition can be highly resistant to home remedies, like medicated creams. At Ohana Aesthetics and Wellness, our experienced team is equipped to diagnose and treat nail fungus via state-of-the-art Alma Harmony XL PRO laser technology. If you're dealing with symptoms of a nail fungal infection, we invite you to contact our office to schedule a consultation.


What causes fungus to grow under the nails?
Fungi are organisms found in many places in nature with varieties, including mushrooms and the yeast used to make bread. However, when microscopic fungi land on dark, moist regions of the body, including under your nails, a fungal infection can occur. This can lead to itching, burning, and even a pungent smell.

What will happen if nail fungus is not properly treated?
The uninterrupted growth of a fungal nail infection will likely lead to difficulty walking, exercising, and even everyday tasks, like typing on your computer. Left untreated, your nails may eventually become brittle and damaged. For these reasons, it is important to pursue treatment at the earliest sign of infection. Our technicians are highly trained to assess the best treatment options for fungal infections, including safe, minimally invasive laser therapy.

How many treatments are necessary for laser nail fungus treatment?
While significant results can be seen after only one treatment, most patients will need to undergo 3 – 4 treatments to eliminate the fungus.

What does laser nail fungus treatment cost?
Treatments are priced, depending on the extent of the infection, the complexity of the recommended procedure, and the number of sessions required to completely heal the infected area. In your consultation, we will determine the scope and frequency of treatment needed. We will also discuss affordable payment options to best meet your needs.

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