Laser Cellulite Removal in Orem, UT

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WHAT IS Laser Cellulite Removal?

Cellulite is the collection of fat in pockets under the skin, leading to a wrinkled, cottage cheese-like appearance. It can be caused by weight gain or rapid weight loss, lack of muscle tone in affected areas, and your body's hormone composition. Cellulite is harmless, but many wish to reduce its appearance for aesthetic purposes. At Ohana Aesthetics and Wellness, medical director Kathy Cooper treats cellulite with the Harmony XL PRO laser system from Alma.

Laser Cellulite FAQ

How does the Harmony XL Pro laser remove cellulite?
The Harmony XL PRO heats fat deposits under the skin to melt fat, break up the tissues that lock cellulite together, and stimulate collagen fibers to contract, bringing the skin back together and reducing stretch marks. This procedure is noninvasive, safe, and highly effective at eliminating cellulite deposits.

How soon will I see results?
Laser therapy for cellulite removal can show results immediately; however, you may experience a two-week recovery period while your body heals from any swelling or bruising caused by the procedure. Results typically last for up to six months.

How much does laser cellulite removal cost?
Laser cellulite removal at Ohana Aesthetics and Wellness is a case-by-case procedure. Costs and details of the procedure will be determined by our team of experts during your initial consultation. Reach out today to connect with Kathy Cooper to decide if laser cellulite removal is the right treatment for you.

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