Hyperpigmentation Treatment in Orem, UT

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What is Hyperpigmentation Treatment?

Hyperpigmentation is a common dermatological concern characterized by dark-colored patches on the surface of the skin, often resulting from conditions, like eczema, melasma, psoriasis, and excessive sun exposure. These brown or red spots can show up anywhere on the face, neck, or body and may vary in shape and dimensions. Kathy Cooper, medical director at Ohana Aesthetics and Wellness, treats hyperpigmentation with Alma Harmony XL PRO laser technology. This laser-based hyperpigmentation treatment is a noninvasive approach to renewing your skin tone and enhancing your complexion. Please contact our office in Orem, UT to learn more about this procedure.


What causes hyperpigmentation?
Sometimes, our bodies generate uneven amounts of melanin, the pigment molecule that determines the color of our skin. This uneven distribution of pigment can be the result of certain health and environmental conditions, including skin trauma or injury, UV exposure, and certain medications. When this happens, the skin can appear dark and blotchy in certain areas.

How long does the treatment for hyperpigmentation take?
Most people are able to see results within 3 – 4 sessions scheduled at four-week intervals. Sessions take about 30 minutes each. The specific number and length of sessions, though, depends on you as a patient and the recommendations made by our skilled team. At your skin evaluation with Kathy, our team members can provide further details regarding your aesthetic treatment.

What is the cost of laser hyperpigmentation treatment?

The total price for a hyperpigmentation treatment will depend on your unique concerns, skin care needs, and the number of sessions necessary to achieve your cosmetic goals. Our experts will help you determine the recommended number of appointments, and we will provide a list of convenient financial solutions accepted at our office.

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