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At Ohana Aesthetics and Wellness, our highly talented staff focuses on various sectors of aesthetic medicine for the face, body, and skin. Our personnel is proud to carry out a diverse assortment of impressive treatments for individuals in and around Orem, UT by utilizing our sizable selection of state-of-the-art technology. Examples of our most popular services consist of laser hair removal, intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy, hyperpigmentation treatment, toenail fungus removal, wart removal, scar treatment, and laser skin resurfacing.

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Intense pulsed light (IPL) therapy uses broadband visible light wavelengths to stimulate cell growth and heal the skin, improving tone and appearance.

Harmony XL PRO laser technology treats hyperpigmentation by stimulating areas of the skin with extra pigment, reducing dark spots and discoloration.

Melasma is a skin condition featuring gray or brown splotches caused by a hormone imbalance or UV exposure and is treatable with Alma laser systems.

Our practice uses laser therapy to treat psoriasis and plaque psoriasis, targeting overactive immune cells and stimulating natural healing processes.

Laser skin resurfacing uses Alma lasers to exfoliate damaged skin, remove blemishes, and make skin healthier with heat and natural, focused light.

Laser acne treatment utilizes focused heat and light, along with a cleansing vacuum, to clear the skin, reduce damaged tissue, and promote healing.

Harmony XL PRO laser platform can remove tattoos by targeting pigmentation under the skin and breaking it apart with intense, focused beams of light.

Laser hair removal is an effective way to reduce hair growth. Laser technology eliminates unwanted hair by targeting hair follicles with heat energy.

Laser scar treatment in Orem, UT uses laser technology to cut away excess scar tissue, reducing the size of scars and allowing the skin to heal.

Laser skin tightening heats collagen fibers under the surface of the skin, causing them to contract and providing a more taut, youthful appearance.

Using laser-assisted technology, cellulite removal eliminates thick bands of cellulite, which develop on the buttocks and thighs and cause dimpling.

Laser vein removal applies a concentrated laser beam to heat fluid within varicose veins, eliminating unwanted tissue and reducing vein appearance.

Laser nail fungus treatment utilizes noninvasive laser technology to destroy microorganisms stuck beneath the nails, eliminating fungal infection.

Laser wart removal is a therapy that eliminates warts by applying the heat and light of a laser beam, destroying unhealthy skin and blood vessels.

Radiofrequency skin resurfacing uses pulses of nonvisible light to peel away blemished skin and allow your skin to become tighter and healthier.

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